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Custom Wool Sculptured Dog Portrait : Deposit to begin. Final $250 when complete

Custom Wool Sculptured Dog Portrait : Deposit to begin. Final $250 when complete

Note: 11- 12 month waiting list.


Each piece begins with the essence of another animal as every sculpture is 100% wool raised by Laura and her family. A thin wire armature is sculpted to support the shape or structure. What you see is between two and sixteen ounces of wool that has been dry felted with thousands of insertions by hand of a special needle.  As the shape is formed, the wool becomes more compressed and holds that shape.  Some pieces are tight and hard from this compression.  Others are still soft enough to be dented by a gentle squeeze. But all are works in procress until Laura feels they have the life and essence of the animal that she wants to share with the viewer.


Typically the dog and cat sculptures are around 6″ tall and up to 8″ long depending on the pose you choose. They take between 40 and 50 hours to create with most of the time spent on the head/face in order to capture the personality. Prices start at $500.00 and can go up based on complexities of color, coat and pose. For the most accurate portrait you will need to submit photos from every side including front and back and above with lots of facial close-ups and close-ups of any “beauty spots”, etc.


Your commission will be placed on the waiting list and you will be called when the commission before yours is started. At that time, all of your photographs will be due. Once I begin work on your pet, I will send you photos of my progress. When we are both satisfied with the final work, your remaining amount will be due.


    What a great way to honor or memorialize your dog or cat.

    Each sculpture is signed by Laura on the underside.

    Real dogs and cats are drawn to the smell of the wool, so precautions must be taken to ensure your portrait's safety:
    1) Keep out of reach of all animals. I have had to perform surgery on sculptures that were torn apart by a cat or dog. 2) Keep out of reach of children. Young children often do not understand the nature of art and it’s fragility.  3) Handle as little as possible. Continued petting or handling of the sculpture will affect the outer coat. Oils on our hands can discolor the wool. 4) To remove dust, gently blow on the sculpture. 5) I encourage you to purchase an acrylic case to extend the beauty of your sculpture. You can purchase them here:


    Since we have worked closely together to assure that you approved of the sculpture, no refund or returns can be made.


    Once you have approved of the final sculpture, I will direct you to your last payment which will include shipping costs.

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