Shepherds' Hat: Knitted Wool, Natural Weld Yellow, One Size Fits Most.

Shepherds' Hat: Knitted Wool, Natural Weld Yellow, One Size Fits Most.

Congratulations for selecting me! I am an elegant, durable hat that will keep your head warm and dry no matter the weather. I am proud to say that my wool is naturally shrink resistant, so no chemical treatments were used to make me!

Here is my amazing story: For many years Suffolk sheep have been raised for meat and 4-H projects, but their lovely wool has been discarded rather than made into beautiful, useful things. Artist and shepherd Laura Frazier noticed this sad and wasteful practice and so she now buys the wool for a fair price from six shepherds in NC and VA.   These farmers, including her brother-in-law, raise and nurture the lambs to maturity. On the farms, the shearers deftly remove the soft and fluffy wool and Laura is there to select the best quality fleeces for hats. After removing debris, Laura sends the 100’s of pounds of wool to mills in TN or MI where it is spun into yarn with the addition of 20% viscose (an all natural plant material)  for strength. The yarn is shipped to MN where it is knit into warm and comfy hats like me. Thanks for supporting local shepherds and American mills.  I hope you enjoy wearing me!


Many Different Natural Dyes used with these.


Pre-Order to pick up at Cobblestone Farmers Market, 8:30-Noon, Saturdays, 1001 S. Marshall St., W-S, NC

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